2 Coffee Innovative Projects in Kickstarter




World’s First Roast-Grind-Brew Coffee Machine

by Bonaverde Coffee Changers


Duo | Coffee Steeper

by Enormous Industries


2 thoughts on “2 Coffee Innovative Projects in Kickstarter

  1. I’m skeptical of the roaster/grinder. The coffee I roast takes at least 2 days of “rest” before it tastes good. I can’t imagine drinking it immediately after roasting … Yuck.. It will be so thin and flavorless. The answer on the FAQ glosses over that problem with an answer that sounds like the project owners don’t drink coffee.

    The smoke… They aren’t going to get the machine into second crack and simply “filter” out the smoke.

    And that’s just the roasting side effects. They are going to run into a ton of problems with the device itself. Getting a kitchen device to 500 degrees stresses all sorts of parts.

    Oh well.. I’m sure nothing bad can happen by cooking with intense heat , while sleeping, with a device made by an unproven manufacturer.

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